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    1. The first thing we need to do is we need to talk about dimensions and aspect ratio and resolution of an image. So the first thing is the dimension of the image and that is basically the width horizontally and the height vertically of that image that makes up all those pixels. So if you look over in the document properties here email marketing company in Mumbai you can see that we have a width of two thousand six hundred and eighty-eight pixels and a height of four thousand and pixels. So this is a very large image. And if you look at the top tab you'll see We're zoomed in to sixteen point seven percent. It also shows it in the bottom left-hand corner sixteen point six seven percent. So we're zoomed in quite a bit.


    2. If we were to zoom in to percent you will see that we won't even be able to fit the whole image on our page because it's such a large image. So even a percent, we can see the sides but we can't see the tops and bottoms. So we have to really zoom out to see this image. And that's OK. I want to start with a nice big image I usually do social media marketing companies that I can shrink it down. And typically it's a little better to be able to shrink down an image then start with a low resolution or an image with a low dimension and try to scale that up because you see more pics elation happen when that occurs. So I'd like to start with the large image and we are going to be creating art boards with different dimensions.


    3. so one artboard might be a by like a square. Another artboard might be by which would be like an HDTV or a monitor. So it's important to know the width and height for are your dimensions. And that creates what's called an aspect ratio and that's just the ratio of numbers between the height and the width. And so a one to one email marketing company in Mumbai aspect ratio would be a square. And when you use aspect ratio terminology it can be any number of pixels instead of declaring what the actual pixels are. So for instance, if you have a and pixel by pixel image that is a square.


    4. It's also a one to one aspect ratio because the sides are equal. If you have a pixel image by pixels Well that would be a two to three. And so you can use that aspect ratio to define the different dimensions. So the one by one might be scaled down to by or by. But using the aspect ratio helps you understand the relationship between width and height. And then email marketing company in Mumbai finally we have the resolution you can see the resolution is pixels per inch which are really good for any type of web work.


    5. If you're working on an app or you're working on a Web site that really has good speed and high quality and things like that you might get away with using a larger resolution. But typically we stick around pixels per inch for our resolution that just tells how many pixels are going to be in this image per every inch and the email marketing company in Mumbai lower the number the Morse files space that we save. And that's very important for any kind of web design work. So it's kind of important to get used to those things and know what they are and know the terminology and how they work. So we're going to be creating an image for different social media platforms and we need to know what the different platforms like. As far as image sizes go.


    6. So I'm gonna go over to Google Chrome and show you a couple of different ways where you can find out this information. Now the first way is just by going to a help desk or a help center of the actual platform. If they provide the information so here I'm on Facebook and I'm in their help center and you can see under the photos and email marketing company in Mumbai upload and edit photos section there's a question How can I make sure that my photos display in the highest possible quality and they say will automatically resize and format your photos which most platforms are going to do anyway.


    7. Then says resize your photo to one of the following supported sizes regular photos pixels or pixels why now they don't give a height requirement but they are going to resize your image down to one of these sizes depending on how big it is and cover photos as pixels by. But we're just going to use a regular email marketing company in Mumbai photo and then it says to avoid compression when you upload your photo make sure the file size is less than kilobytes and save as a JP e.g. with an R SR G.B. color profile. So typically we use JPG or JPG files because they compress the file size down and save space.


    8. So you can see they want a very small image size. Otherwise, they're going to compress it automatically for you. So if we try to keep our file size small we use a smaller resolution and we use JP e.g. compress file format then we should be able to meet the standards and not have any problems. Now they email marketing company in Mumbai didn't give us dimensions for height so we can just pick that. We could do by if we would like or something of that nature. So I went over to Instagram and you can see they also have a section that talks about it.